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I love the adbusted oxford circus - Vox

I love some of the newer stations (Jubille Line extension?) that don’t have ads anywhere. Or didn’t last time I was in them, anyway. You’re right, advertising-free stations are so calming, a haven, especially from the surface Oxford Circus.

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Sort Fields in iTunes 7.1 - Vox

Nice understandable guide, thanks Paul.

But I’ve always thought it better to sort artists by first name anyway. It seems more consistent, otherwise you end up with sorting by “last name unless they only have a single name”. eg Madonna is always going to be sorted by first name whatever your policy.

Unless one adds ‘Ciccone, Madonna’ in the Sort Field I guess…

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Meish dot org ยป Future of Web Copyright?

This reminds me a little of after I attended the Carson Workshops Flickr workshop in 2005. We’d all been given evaluation forms to fill out at the end of the day. Fair enough. Except they then used a quote from my form, credited to me, as promotion on their website (along with quotes from other attendees).

They took it down when I complained, but it seemed very cheeky to use something written down at the event, with no indication it would be seen by anyone else, as marketing copy.

To be honest I think I’d also be a bit annoyed if I appeared in one of the photos on the page I linked to, even though I think CW took the photos themselves. I’m used to appearing in friend’s Flickr feeds etc, but there’s something about appearing unwittingly in promotional material that feels dirty.

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Engaged on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Excellent, congratulations!

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