Wednesday 30 November 2011

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30 Nov 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:45am: @antimega I’m not sure if you mean tweet-length would be better, or blogpost/article/essay/book length would be better?
  • 09:50am: @tedmills Switch from Firefox to Chrome…
  • 09:56am: @antimega I’ve been thinking that I want Twitter, but with paragraphs. Not entirely convinced myself though.
  • 09:59am: @antimega Yeah. But there are many things that need more than a tweet, but the ease of Twitter stops people blogging it.
  • 10:09am: @tominsam @antimega I just haven’t got into G+ after the first couple of weeks of using it to talk about G+. How is it?
  • 03:32pm: Writing my first ever HTML5. I’m like the opposite of the advance-warning canary.
  • 03:38pm: @tomtaylor I’m going crazy! headers, footers, articles, EVERYTHING!
  • 03:57pm: @jamesweiner That’s good to hear, as I haven’t found a use for it yet…
  • 03:59pm: @jamesweiner I always find it odd how much of HTML specs still think of HTML as mainly something for marking up academic documents.
  • 04:03pm: @stml “Panton House is HQ of Xstrata, a mining co. The CEO is Nick Davis, who protesters say is highest-paid CEO in UK”
  • 07:50pm: Winter evenings at home alone have the soundtrack of Sunday Night Football. Even if I'm not watching, I love the sound.