Tuesday 4 October 2011

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Cyclists in the City: Will 'hating' cyclists be acceptable until cycling gets a proper place in the city?

“All the surveys conducted by the AA and others indicate that more than 2/3rd of drivers admit to routinely breaking speed limits.”

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4 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:28am: Anonymous email containing plots on maps and photos of stones. Wrongly addressed, spam, ARG or a cry for help from a newly sentient machine?
  • 09:35am: @billt *googles* So I know of Joseph Cornell, but it’s been years since I read ‘Count Zero’… not sure I get the reference/relevance?
  • 09:36am: @emmahaslett Looks like I must go to Japan to find my rightful fortune!
  • 09:40am: @billt Ooh, exciting! My very own future-present adventure! I must get some more suitable clothes and accessories.
  • 11:06am: Error: bad minute
  • 02:50pm: Slagged off on Twitter for #Knox mistake, Daily Mail post negative story about Twitter, showing they *really* understand how to get traffic.
  • 03:01pm: @gwire I’ve just been image.googling them. Slightly odd: http://t.co/vlkGEOfl http://t.co/bj4QnwjD http://t.co/us68JQER
  • 03:07pm: @gwire It wouldn’t be that obvious, surely. We just need to work out the next step…
  • 03:28pm: @gwire Yeah, but we’ll have found Atlantis so, you know, it might be worth wiring all our money to a stranger.
  • 06:47pm: Second evening in and I'm very much enjoying my sewing class. So much so that I haven't even though about the iPhone launch. Imagine!
  • 09:44pm: When someone’s wrong on the Internet, there’s only one man to call. And when @ianbetteridge isn’t available, I’m in reserve.
  • 09:46pm: @ianbetteridge It’s OK My Lord Of Rightness, I corrected the Internet. You may sleep now.
  • 09:53pm: @ianbetteridge @russelldavies OH NO WE’RE NOT!

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