Monday 16 August 2010

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16 Aug 2010 at Twitter

  • 10:44am: Anyone know of a brief, simple book/site/pamphlet that explains company accounts well at a broad level? I'd like to understand mine! Ta.
  • 11:05am: @dracos Yes, she is - what more recommendation do you need!
  • 11:32am: Bugger, dropped iPhone, broke screen. Joy at thought of new one overwhelmed by feeling sorry for having abused my trusted old friend.
  • 12:05pm: @rod Looks good, thanks!
  • 12:21pm: @Zoonie Heh, the reviews of that book all say "After reading this I realised accounts are simple!" But I get your point :)
  • 12:55pm: @brrdatplay Thank you, will have a look.
  • 01:21pm: 3 weeks wait for an iPhone 4? Can't just buy it? This is exactly like living under a dysfunctional communist dictatorship. EXACTLY like it.
  • 01:25pm: @minifig Yeah, I saw that. Am torn between the extra cost and being patient. But thanks.
  • 01:32pm: @mik3yb I'm being (relatively) cheap and wanting a 16GB, which is in very short supply.
  • 02:15pm: @mik3yb Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, dealing with O2's call centre idiots seems like more hassle than waiting three weeks for Apple.
  • 02:25pm: @mik3yb It's complicated by also wanting to switch from an expired contract to PAYG. This is boring. Will you be my PA? :)
  • 03:31pm: @mik3yb Ordering this phone from O2 has only taken an hour so far and I need to call back tomorrow to finish. Get me a coffee, sugar tits.
  • 03:49pm: @danhon Yes, they say they have them in stock.
  • 04:04pm: @danhon Oh, not sure about the "unlocked" bit though, not sure O2 do that, yet.
  • 04:35pm: @mik3yb Oh, clumsy me, I appear to have dropped my pen. Would you be a dear...?
  • 05:41pm: @robsog Interesting... has that happened recently? (As they have none in stock at the stores generally.)
  • 08:01pm: @yoz @randometc Apparently Kelley Deal of the Breeders used to a be a programmer.
  • 08:38pm: @megp Yes, it gets easier. Congratulations!
  • 08:40pm: Nice of @samuelpepys to provide some entertainment while I slave over maps of his wanderings.
  • 09:50pm: Probably shouldn't have played this REALLY LOUD on headphones just before bedtime: I might never sleep again.

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  4. Ikonika (14)
  5. Lou Reed (13)
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