Tuesday 8 September 2009

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8 Sep 2009 at Twitter

  • 07:22am: It's OK, because the Conway workmen who have been breaking paving slabs since at least 7.30 are part of the Considerate Contractor Scheme.
  • 07:25am: And fuck me, the Today programme on whether kids should be allowed the back to school kit they want? TELL ME NEWS! NEWS, REMEMBER THAT?
  • 07:53am: @memespring I grudgingly accept that columnists (or "print bloggers") write this stuff, but that doesn't mean Today needs to cover it.
  • 01:53pm: I'm toying with self-studying for a maths A Level... drop me a line if it sounds interesting and you'd like to work through it together...
  • 02:04pm: @benm Thanks for tip. Was thinking of something like ICS http://bit.ly/1l4qS4 but good idea. How much did you know before? Need to brush up!
  • 03:53pm: Spent *ages* wondering why fonts were larger than they should be... I'd accidentally zoomed in in Firefox. I'm a professional you know.
  • 08:15pm: @Zoonie That sounds very, very cute!

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  1. Florence + the Machine (50)
  2. Just Jack (14)
  3. Camera Obscura (10)
  4. The Smiths (10)
  5. Vampire Weekend (7)
  6. The Arcade Fire (7)
  7. Robyn (6)
  8. Kate Nash (6)
  9. The Jam (6)
  10. Air (6)

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