Daily Phil
Sunday 14th May 2000

I’d forgotten how tastefully pretty the city is. Going to the same old stores was kind of boring though; I should make the effort to find new things to do. I’ve still never been to Alcatraz or over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was wonderful to see familiar faces: Nicole, Z, Alistair, Hari, Pouneh, Janelle, Peter, and, again, Danny. A shame to have missed Yoz though. Used CDs, used books, new underwear. Bumping into people I barely know in the street. Food, drinks, laughs, movies, Dreamcast Crazy Taxi, walking much too far up and down hills, not eating enough, the frustration of arranging evenings out sans mobile phones. Marvelling with equal wonderment at the Sony Metreon and the fact Nicole has her own office. Stacy’s boyfriend looks very like me (he thinks so too, but she disagrees). It was like The One With Russ. Bumping into a gaggle of familiar faces from SXSW.