Daily Phil
Friday 12th May 2000

Endless sprawl and strip malls, just like “home” only different. Being driven everywhere. Standing, swaying, while watching Gilbert play Descent for hours. Realising that net.companies actually really exist in real life with real buildings. Bus maps whose stops are Infoseek, Compaq, etc. The Quinn clan using their mobiles as walkie-talkies (“We can swing by Netscape and drop cigarettes off? cchchh”, “Great. chchcch”). Drew’s first day at Apple (“California allows Steve Jobs not to have license plates on his car”). Sitting in [obviously evil, but inevitably convenient] Starbucks for hours while the rest of the world worked. Getting lost but finally finding the BayCHI dinner and trying to avoid making interface jokes about every object. Jef Raskin talking at Xerox PARC about how icons, buttons… well, everything on computers, are stupid. Another guy at Xerox PARC revealing that people who spend more hours online spend less hours doing other things. Getting our heads 3D-scanned at San Jose Tech Museum (which, as Danny pointed out, is designed to get kids ready to work in chip fabrication plants, as clerical workers or machine operators.) Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten because I left there a couple of days ago.