Writing from March 2004

Goodbye fabius@well.com

After being a member of the Well for seven years, I've finally succumbed to the long-term doubt that it's not worth ten quid a month to me. I never really felt like part of the community, or found a huge number of conferences to immerse myself in, although I did enjoy Wired, Future and Mac (an unparalleled source of Apple Mac help and advice), all of which I'll miss.


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California photos

Pacific Sunset #4I've belatedly got round to sorting, filtering and sizing my photos from California. Blue skies, sun, palm trees, no work to do...


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Goodbye spam

Received email for February 2004No prizes for guessing when I started using Knowspam.net to filter my email.


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Houston’s transport

2lmc link to a USA Today story about the large number of cars colliding with Houston's new light rail system. I'd forgotten the city went ahead with this, as when I was living there around 2000, I couldn't imagine it happening. It was supposed to be the start of a 40 mile scheme, and searching the Houston Press archives I found some articles giving background from last year:


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Goodbye frames, hello CSS

This piece has been re-written at the request of a third party. 7 April 2004.

Live After Dark, a site I developed at Poke around the New Year, went live last week and despite the design's flouting of many of today's best web design practices, I'm proud of certain aspects of its construction.


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Powergen’s negative energy

How can one company do so many simple things wrong:


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Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World by Kevin Kelly

Reading this for the first time, ten years after publication, it's a mix of comfortingly out-of-date technologies and amazingly ahead-of-their-time thoughts (eg, peer-to-peer file sharing among private groups). Covers a vast amount of ground, from ecosystems to 3D graphics to evolution. I so wish I'd read it in 1994.


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Bye bye HyperCard

Awww, HyperCard is no more. I haven't touched HyperCard for ten years or so1 but I've always had a soft spot for it. As far as I know my college didn't have the internet in the early 90s, although I'd heard tales of a computer in the library that was on JANET, but I could never substantiate such foolish rumour-mongering.


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