"I will not tolerate infestation!"

My flat is still. The walls are white, the floors look like wood and nothing moves other than the light emitted from boxes of electronics. Maybe this is why discovering a mouse in my kitchen still has me shivering two days later. In my home I’m not used to seeing things moving over which I have no control. If I was living in the country it would make sense. Even the large suburban house in which I grew up was home to many insect escapees from the garden so a brown ball of rodent wouldn’t have seemed out of place. But I live in a clean white yuppie London apartment two floors up in which even insects are unusual visitors and I don’t want to share it with mammals I haven’t invited.

So I’m unsure what to do. I had no idea if the council could help, and it appears they can come and put poison down. I found some pages about the many mousetraps in history and some fun things to do with traditional mousetraps but not much practical help. All possible solutions make me uneasy, but I do want my stillness back.

Update: Matt told me about the problem of evolving a mousetrap. Interesting, but I would like a method that doesn’t involve an evolutionary arms race with mousekind.

29 Oct 2002 in Writing

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