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3 Feb 2012 at Twitter

  • 02:53pm: In the office, playing your jams. Risky.
  • 06:34pm: Spent the day laboriously hand-HTMLing 20,000 words of footnoted 17th century text. And it’s not even the Diary. Stupid completer-finisher.
  • 06:42pm: @matthew_goddard The only automatable thing about it is [close currently open tag]. Anyway, it’s vim all the way these days!
  • 08:12pm: Watching BBC4 doc on military logistics. TV history shows are so padded out. First 3.5 mins was about what the show was going to be about.
  • 08:29pm: Giving up. So many TV documentaries, even on BBC 4, are like reading a childrens' book. Quite slowly.
  • 08:40pm: @wesayso @edwardkay They're always so shallow, and assume I know nothing, quite aside from the slowness and padding. Ah well.
  • 09:02pm: @antimega I'm not saying *every* programme needs to be like reading a dense, thoughtful, intelligent book for educated adults :)
  • 09:08pm: @antimega I’ve still got the second two waiting to be watched. Great stuff.

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