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25 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:09am: @mattsheret Nah. I had a lie in with a headache. Now playing Gang of Four to wake myself up.
  • 09:45am: @mildlydiverting @undermanager And volleyball players use hand signals to secretly signal to teammates behind them.
  • 02:52pm: One year of using @mappiness_app. Likes: socialising, drinking tea/coffee. Dislikes: being ill, walking, working.
  • 03:01pm: @mondoagogo Some of it, yes.
  • 04:54pm: I can't remember the last time I had three work projects running concurrently. And all fun/interesting too. #littleyay
  • 06:32pm: I'm the oldest in my sewing class by some way. I am not Pierce Hawthorne though, no. No. #community
  • 08:30pm: @AnnieFeighery I expect you know someone who can sew better than me!
  • 08:51pm: @tomcoates Ooh, good idea. Far enough apart that there's enough time for new things to emerge between them.

25 Oct 2011 in Comments elsewhere

Extra, Extra | Londonist
You’ve confused the Heron (the not yet completed residential tower by the Barbican) with Heron Tower (the office building on Bishopsgate)….