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25 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:09am: @mattsheret Nah. I had a lie in with a headache. Now playing Gang of Four to wake myself up.
  • 09:45am: @mildlydiverting @undermanager And volleyball players use hand signals to secretly signal to teammates behind them.
  • 02:52pm: One year of using @mappiness_app. Likes: socialising, drinking tea/coffee. Dislikes: being ill, walking, working.
  • 03:01pm: @mondoagogo Some of it, yes.
  • 04:54pm: I can't remember the last time I had three work projects running concurrently. And all fun/interesting too. #littleyay
  • 06:32pm: I'm the oldest in my sewing class by some way. I am not Pierce Hawthorne though, no. No. #community
  • 08:30pm: @AnnieFeighery I expect you know someone who can sew better than me!
  • 08:51pm: @tomcoates Ooh, good idea. Far enough apart that there's enough time for new things to emerge between them.

25 Oct 2011 in Comments elsewhere

Extra, Extra | Londonist
You’ve confused the Heron (the not yet completed residential tower by the Barbican) with Heron Tower (the office building on Bishopsgate)….

Music listened to most that week

  1. M83 (22)
  2. Gang of Four (15)
  3. Bow Wow Wow (12)
  4. The Human League (10)
  5. Joy Division (5)
  6. Public Image Ltd. (5)
  7. The Specials (5)
  8. Scritti Politti (4)
  9. The Fall (3)
  10. Madness (3)

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