Links for Friday 21 October 2011

21 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:05am: @reidphilpot Oh, hello! Thanks. I was on my way to @thisisplayful.
  • 12:14pm: Bored with people referring to now as "the future". It's just a sign you're old enough to remember the past. Think about the actual future.
  • 12:29pm: Also, a nerdy point, 2000AD's stories were often/always set a long way beyond the year 2000. Don't be disappointed today isn't as future.
  • 03:48pm: Ending the day with an episode of Nathan Barley. #playful11
  • 08:00pm: @phl Did I know how to do that? Blimey.
  • 08:59pm: @matlock @rooreynolds @nevali If they're being ironic they're so convincing that they appear to have become what they were pretending to be.