Links for Wednesday 7 September 2011

7 Sep 2011 at Twitter

  • 01:54pm: Feeling almost human after a shaky start. Good. Phew.
  • 01:58pm: @Zoonie Nothing that ibuprofen and caffeine couldn’t cure!
  • 02:01pm: To prevent further concerned queries: I AM FINE. Note to self: Don’t allude to feeling peaky on Twitter or people will think the worst :)
  • 02:22pm: @abscond Are you OK?
  • 03:42pm: @revdancatt Or at least have half-day-closing on Wednesdays.
  • 08:10pm: @revdancatt Ha, folks in the office today were saying that stubbornness was all that’s required to win Tiny Tower too. Last one standing.
  • 08:13pm: @revdancatt Likewise. It sounds like it’s all grinding of one kind or another, and no way to do it faster than anyone else.
  • 08:33pm: @benhammersley Travelodge again?
  • 08:43pm: What’s this “Webpages are not responding … all webpages in other tabs and windows must be force reloaded.” in Safari? Keeps happening. Grrr.
  • 08:46pm: @alanconnor I liked his drawing style too. And some of his other cartoons are lovely too:
  • 08:51pm: @ethermole That sounds awesome! I’m so glad they improved Safari so much in Lion! Yes!
  • 08:59pm: @alanconnor Yes. I loved the Bart t-shirt, and the “casket size” for some reason.