Links for Sunday 4 September 2011

4 Sep 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:48am: @johnmarzan Yes, hopeful. I like those clips.
  • 09:52am: I'm going to start using the word "automatically" as a quirky way of saying the all-too-common and dull word "automagically". I'm zany!
  • 04:40pm: @benterrett I did that once, but someone handed it in at lost property. London's great sometimes!
  • 05:54pm: @Zoonie There's a site for that :) (On Fleet St, no longer exists.)
  • 07:01pm: @Zoonie You wait, all the kids will be "surfing the web" and "blogging" when 2000 becomes hip again!
  • 08:45pm: @katylindemann I'm recording Four Lions, but that's a great idea. TV channels could always have directors/actors live tweet premieres.