Links for Wednesday 27 July 2011

27 Jul 2011 at Twitter

  • 08:50am: @AlexBalfour2012 I misread that but I now want 2012-themed Cornish pasties. And pork pies. And scotch eggs. etc.
  • 04:30pm: @realmonkeybear I thought it was well over - it's all 80s these days isn't it, if that hasn't passed already?
  • 04:33pm: @hondanhon I had a nap and dreamed you were listening to some great drum'n'bass to get psyched up for a pitch. What was it? Ta. :)
  • 04:34pm: @gwire Damn! I'll get rid of my authentic 80s outfits and buy in some authentic fake 80s threads.
  • 06:35pm: @hondanhon Dammit, I’ve now listened to way too many Final Countdown remixes. No D’n’B but I think this may be “best”
  • 06:49pm: @mala Dustbin lorries and bin men where I am from. I think. When you start to think about these phrases they all sound stupid.
  • 07:56pm: Eating like a king. A king who *really* likes sausages and baked beans.
  • 08:49pm: @_hollsk He’s tweeting events during the day and then those events will appear at the end of the day when he writes his diary entry.
  • 09:48pm: @scrivs Just read your news article. I thought you might like this that I wrote on the topic last year:

Music listened to most that week

  1. Scuba (12)
  2. Erykah Badu (11)
  3. Eleanor Friedberger (10)
  4. King Tubby (8)
  5. Electrelane (3)
  6. Robbie (3)
  7. Alborosie (2)
  8. Black Mountain (2)
  9. Da Grynch (2)
  10. Errol T (2)

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