Links for Sunday 17 July 2011

17 Jul 2011 at Twitter

  • 06:11am: @tomtaylor @STML Woohoo, congratulations to those fine legs!
  • 08:39am: The first of my non-geek contacts have started arriving in Google+. Hello Facebook!
  • 11:22am: @dotcode I’ve got an old LC. It’s got Netscape and Eudora on it. You just need a modem and they’ll be on the info superhighway in no time!
  • 05:46pm: Thinking of things I don't want to do this week, wondering if I should make an appointment at my local police station instead. #notw
  • 08:36pm: Forget businessman, Jim should be a politician. Unable to give anything but a positive, not-straight, clichéd answer. #apprentice
  • 09:12pm: What is going on with the saturation in the studio? Compared to the flashbacks the colours are painfully over the top. #apprentice