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13 Jul 2011 at Twitter

  • 06:16am: Moved up to the fast lane in the pool this morning. If only I was swimming in an allegory.
  • 10:43am: VACANCY: We need an assistant to make us Spotify playlists on demand, like iTunes Genius. Knowledge of all music ever required. Paid in tea.
  • 10:57am: @moongolfer Nice, ta. also looks handy.
  • 10:59am: @gilest A biscuit allowance may apply after a successful review following the three year probationary period.
  • 11:10am: @topfife Thanks, but I’m not short of playlists made by strangers :)
  • 12:20pm: @kierondonoghue Very nice, ta. But the drag New Playlist bit doesn’t work for me (Mac, Safari 5). Maybe add copy and paste like Spotibot’s?
  • 12:21pm: @ethermole Exactly! We need a trainee @irvinebrown, but no design skills required.