Links for Thursday 2 June 2011

2 Jun 2011 at Twitter

  • 07:51am: @spaceboy To understand your reference to "Galt" I guess I'd have to read Ayn Rand and then I'd be one of them… Confused.
  • 09:18am: I want a visualisation of the state of a project’s tickets, in the form of the ‘Dad’s Army’ map. Ta.
  • 10:02am: @jamesb This client uses Codebase, which seems fine. Git’s Issues is enough for my personal projects.
  • 05:57pm: A code-punch and Soviet marches to end the day. (21 tickets remain.)
  • 09:09pm: @BTCare Thanks for your interest. Looks like I, and all the other households in my area, will have no phone service until Monday.