Links for Monday 28 March 2011

28 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:01am: Re-imagining an annoying, tedious, frustrating problem as an opportunity. Or something. In theory.
  • 06:31pm: The pain of organising several years worth of accounts is only made bearable by the pleasing sight of neatly stacked and labelled folders.
  • 06:37pm: @katylindemann I have my David Allen-approved Brother labeller whirring away!
  • 08:31pm: Really want to watch something fun and lighthearted. Only bearable live TV is a BBC Four doc about "the question of what is nothing". Oh.
  • 08:48pm: @spaceboy Be careful not to get the curly cable snagged in your spokes!
  • 09:04pm: @peterjlaw Ha ha, very good :)
  • 09:19pm: The voiceover on 'Twenty Twelve' is great. Great at destroying any flow and many of the jokes. Why is it there at all?