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24 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:53am: @russelldavies I hope all the people selling robots are dressed as Jawas.
  • 01:19pm: Hatton Garden's such a great street. The shops and people somehow make it feel like New York or somewhere, which is a good thing. And, sun!
  • 02:14pm: @mondoagogo That probably adds to it, but without them I’d still feel the same.
  • 02:18pm: @revdancatt Ooh, twee-tastic, tempting!
  • 02:25pm: @mondoagogo Briefly: straight road; wide pavements; nearly all shops not offices; street life (people standing, talking); a community.
  • 04:18pm: @foe @moleitau Congratulations! Very exciting!
  • 04:44pm: Sid Meier’s Civil-list-ation #gamesbyroyalappointment
  • 04:58pm: Elite #gamesbyroyalappointment
  • 07:53pm: That code that I wrote the other day that was quite pleasing but in retrospect doesn’t work properly. That’s the one.
  • 07:53pm: @tomtaylor Is it a MEGA pizza?
  • 07:58pm: @tomtaylor If you eat it all, you might get a MEGA award!
  • 08:31pm: Yay, I won a tiny bit of a Guardian MEGA award for . Congrats everyone! Have fun! I’m coding!
  • 09:24pm: I won a bit of a #megas2011 award for SuperMe but I’d like to give it back because iHobo won some, which is just embarrassing. Who do I see?
  • 09:30pm: @smithsam What money?
  • 09:32pm: @smithsam As I say, I only won a tiny bit of an award. And so didn’t have to pay anything.
  • 09:44pm: Final commit of the week. My back says: Yay!
  • 09:51pm: @mildlydiverting Better chairs :)
  • 10:33pm: Checking that I wasn’t wrong today when I stood up (a bit) for Bis. YOU’RE GALACTIC!
  • 10:34pm: @dotcode Maybe you should stick to what you’re goo... oh, actually, carry on! :)
  • 10:48pm: @revdancatt Yes, turns out Bis’s best was even better than I remembered. Must go to bed before I disappear down a 1990s rabbit hole.
  • 10:49pm: @stml The party’s at its end / A style is named and it’s dead / There is no latest trend / I eat just what I’m fed.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Elastica (32)
  2. Massive Attack (26)
  3. The Robins (13)
  4. Bis (11)
  5. Gillian Welch (6)
  6. PJ Harvey (6)
  7. Victoria Wood (5)
  8. Big Mama Thornton (4)
  9. The Coasters (4)
  10. Elvis Presley (4)

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