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22 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:08am: I wrote a bit about that old East London Tech City thing, if you haven’t had enough of it: ‘That dreadful phrase’
  • 10:16am: @ianbetteridge I only heard the bit of @r4today where they giggled embarrassedly about “4G”. Because it’s technology and so beneath them.
  • 10:18am: @FinalBullet A monorail for the corporates and jet-powered childs’-BMX bikes for the hipsters!
  • 01:15pm: Had the @riglondon company meeting on my own. Fired everyone, declared myself king of whimsy.
  • 07:21pm: @GreatDismal Are there any typically "dystopian" novels told from the view of someone it's good for?
  • 09:05pm: @benterrett That's what they want you to do!
  • 10:37pm: I know a few of you like Thomas Dolby… three tracks from a 1984 gig were just played on Gideon Coe on #6Music, no doubt on iPlayer later.

22 Mar 2011 in Writing

That dreadful phrase
The government’s East London Tech City scheme tries to make a single “city” out of two very different places.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Elastica (32)
  2. Massive Attack (26)
  3. The Robins (13)
  4. Bis (11)
  5. Gillian Welch (6)
  6. PJ Harvey (6)
  7. Victoria Wood (5)
  8. Big Mama Thornton (4)
  9. The Coasters (4)
  10. Elvis Presley (4)

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