Links for Friday 7 January 2011

7 Jan 2011 at Twitter

  • 11:06am: If Quora follow notifications are an indication of how many friends and strangers are interested in you… more is better! Stop complaining!
  • 11:29am: @pixellent @moleitau Could you see through walls?
  • 12:40pm: Spotify playlist of all of Simon Reynolds' best of 2010 that I could find. Many gaps, but still:
  • 12:49pm: I promised Nick Clegg I'd buy him an amazing birthday present but... well, it was only a promise, never mind Nick.
  • 01:21pm: @invisiblecomma I've already done all those searches, but thanks anyway :)
  • 04:58pm: Is it possible to eat too much cake? Only one way to find out. It's been nice knowing you.
  • 07:27pm: @jennylg What browser were you using? Or shouldn't you say? :)
  • 07:30pm: Cake-guilt is going to force me to go for the swim I didn't have this morning because I was too sleepy.
  • 10:22pm: I love it when I switch back to a page in iPad Safari and it reloads, erasing the long post I'd written in an Ask Metafilter form.

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