Links for Friday 7 January 2011

7 Jan 2011 at Twitter

  • 11:06am: If Quora follow notifications are an indication of how many friends and strangers are interested in you… more is better! Stop complaining!
  • 11:29am: @pixellent @moleitau Could you see through walls?
  • 12:40pm: Spotify playlist of all of Simon Reynolds' best of 2010 that I could find. Many gaps, but still:
  • 12:49pm: I promised Nick Clegg I'd buy him an amazing birthday present but... well, it was only a promise, never mind Nick.
  • 01:21pm: @invisiblecomma I've already done all those searches, but thanks anyway :)
  • 04:58pm: Is it possible to eat too much cake? Only one way to find out. It's been nice knowing you.
  • 07:27pm: @jennylg What browser were you using? Or shouldn't you say? :)
  • 07:30pm: Cake-guilt is going to force me to go for the swim I didn't have this morning because I was too sleepy.
  • 10:22pm: I love it when I switch back to a page in iPad Safari and it reloads, erasing the long post I'd written in an Ask Metafilter form.

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Actress (14)
  2. Digable Planets (14)
  3. Saint Etienne (14)
  4. Stars (13)
  5. Emeralds (12)
  6. Salem (11)
  7. UB40 (11)
  8. Vampire Weekend (10)
  9. Sun Araw (9)
  10. Oneohtrix Point Never (8)

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