Links for Wednesday 29 December 2010

29 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 12:34pm: Enjoying 6Music's 1990s nostalgia today, but I feel I'll need to balance it later with some music from the 2020s. Any ideas?
  • 02:37pm: This year I re-learned front crawl and went from around 24 strokes per 25m to about 15. So I've achieved something in 2010. Yay!
  • 02:45pm: @mattsheret This is the music from the 2020s? *disappointed face*
  • 06:57pm: @ianbetteridge Are you new here?
  • 07:01pm: @catfunt This is the time everyone will die in the zombie apocalypse - when they run out of booze and leave the house to buy gin and port.
  • 09:20pm: @chrislunch Ha, we're finally getting round to the last episode of ‘Any Human Heart’ too.