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18 Nov 2010 at Twitter

  • 08:27am: Hmm, I seem to have lost around 26lbs/12kg in the past couple of years without trying. Not good. (Sorry Mum, I'll eat properly.)
  • 10:02am: @bobigail I started investigating fountain pens when I started an OU course too! I quit the former when I gave up the latter.You keep going!
  • 10:05am: @louiseoldfield The secret is... (ssshhh) to do exercise, eat healthily, and don't eat much. I know, who could guess!?
  • 10:05am: @hondanhon @paulpod Uh oh... maybe my loose pounds are multiplying and will soon cover all of the kingdom!
  • 10:06am: @Zoonie Yes, I managed to put weight on, intentionally, when doing weights and eating more... then I started swimming and eating less...
  • 10:06am: @mondoagogo That is a diet I can get behind!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Akufen (10)
  2. James Blake (8)
  3. Danger Mouse (4)
  4. Record Club (4)
  5. A.M. (3)
  6. Belle and Sebastian (3)
  7. Billy Stewart (3)
  8. El Guincho (3)
  9. Mystery Jets (3)
  10. Warpaint (3)

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