Links for Tuesday 7 July 2009

7 Jul 2009 at Twitter

  • 09:30am: About to head to a meeting on the bike. I predict a soaking on the way home. At least I won't be standing on a plinth when the rain comes.
  • 02:18pm: Somehow managed cycling home -> Vauxhall -> Shoreditch -> home without getting wet. Close.
  • 02:50pm: Doh. Just ordered three albums online. Checked out. Realised I'd ordered "CDs" rather than downloadable music. I have to *wait* to listen?
  • 02:56pm: @zzgavin (a) Like I could tell the difference (or care enough), and (b) I don't want to store more useless plastic. Just give me bits.
  • 06:48pm: Had I been up to date with my feeds I would have been with the cool @bldgblog kids. Instead I've reached 99.5% completed on this project.
  • 08:27pm: Lying on the sofa, surfing for music between Radio 2 and 6 Music, reading CodeIgniter docs. All is well.

7 Jul 2009 in Writing

The highwalks are an island
A response to Will Wiles’ post ‘In Praise of Beech Street’.