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Who are the longest running UK bloggers? | troubled diva

“although the Haddock Directory closed in February 2007, and there don’t appear to be any archives”

The Directory was going from 1996, but what is currently the front page of (an aggregation of others’ blogs) wasn’t there then. The Directory itself is nothing but archives, but organised by category rather than date. There are dated pages, eg , but no chronological list of those.

My own blogging on started on 15 March 2000 and is still going:

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The Ben Jonson House Group Blog: External Redecorations: Week 3

In the interests of keeping a record…

On Monday a polite man sanded and undercoated our roof terrace door, so that’s underway already, which is good.

Today I returned from a few days away to the sounds of the scaffolders - shouting at each other, singing loudly, and a lot of swearing, which was wearing after a while (at least I don’t have children).

At one point a man on the top of the scaffolding (5th floor), who wasn’t wearing hi-viz, a hard hat, or a harness, was almost screaming at the men on the podium to move towards the scaffolding as they hoisted up a plank because they were “pulling the scaffolding away from the wall”. He then swore a lot at whoever tied the knot (“this piece of shit”) around that plank and then spent a while frustratedly shouting instructions down to the guy trying to tie the rope to the next plank. You’d think they’d sort that bit out earlier in the process.

I went out for a coffee rather than listen to any more.

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The Online Photographer: The Morning Coffee 8/12/14

I’ve been using Feedbin since Google Reader closed, and love it.

So many RSS-following people makes me wonder what effect this has on TOP’s advertising income. Anyone reading the RSS version isn’t going to create any page and advertising impressions, and there’s zero chance of them clicking an ad. I always click through to the site to read TOP, but I must admit this is partly because Typepad-hosted sites seem to be the one thing Feedbin can’t handle well.

Once you’re back up and running, and thinking about the new site again, it might be worth considering having ads at the end of each item in the RSS feed, or inserting occasional “RSS feed sponsored by…” posts?

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Cool Tools - Feedly RSS reader

It would be useful to know why you consider Feedly to be better than other similar services you’ve tried.

When Google Reader closed I tried Newsblur and Feedbin and another that I forget. Newsblur was good but had a lot of extra features that I didn’t need (very social ones, commenting, blogging etc) so I went with Feedbin:

It’s been steadily improving ever since, in both features and appearance. The website works very well for reading, and lots of apps (like Reeder) use Feedbin’s API to provide specific iOS, Mac, Android, etc reading experiences.

It costs $3/month or $30/year which I’m more than happy to pay to support the developer, given what happened to the free Google Reader.

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Crossword blog: are super-solvers born, not made? | Crosswords |

We’ve been trying to solve one a week (Monday’s, so usually Rufus) over lunchtimes at work, usually 2+ of us. I think we’re better than when we started a couple of years ago, but we still almost never finish one over five days.

But, given more quiet thinking time (ie, on holiday, with no distractions), I have occasionally got close to finishing one. So, given I knew nothing about them not so long ago, that’s some progress.

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Sherlock Phone-Box Shrine Desecrated | Londonist

I’m not sure why this is news - the phone box is cleaned up quite often, only to have the post-its etc reapplied soon after.

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Shorter films (Noisy Decent Graphics)

How about trailers for movies, or the “Previously, on…” summaries at the start of TV episodes, as examples of dense film-making? Have a complete story told in snippets like that…

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