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Wordpress paginate WP_Query - Code Planet

Thanks for this, the “Pagination fix” bit helped a lot!

One thing - I had to change where $paged is declared so that it gets the ‘page’ var, rather than the ‘paged’ var. So:

$paged = (get_query_var(‘page’)) ? get_query_var(‘page’) : 1;

This is using WordPress 4.7 and a child theme of Twenty Sixteen.

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Barbican living: One-bedroom apartment in Thomas More House on the Barbican Estate, London EC2Y | WowHaus

Being carpeted does make it more “original”… the Barbican leases specify that floors should be carpeted. Either because in the 1960s/70s no one thought you’d want uncarpeted floors or because it was thought to be the only way to prevent noise disturbing one’s downstairs neighbours.

Of course, as estate agents’ photos show, plenty of Barbican flats do have non-carpeted floors but should people living below kick up a fuss about the noise of high heels or tap dancing, the estate office can (and, apparently, has, on at least one occasion) force the noisy leaseholder to replace their floorboards/resin/whatever with carpet.

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Donald Trump’s policy pledges should have the left cheering | Letters | US news | The Guardian

If you’re going to pay close attention to women’s clothes at events such as Trump’s inauguration (Melania takes cue from Jackie, 21 January), could you do the same for men’s outfits? Are they off the peg? From where? Or bespoke? Who’s the tailor? Men’s formal clothes won’t get any more interesting or individual if they’re ignored.

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On the market: 1930s Oliver Hill-designed art deco property in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex | WowHaus

September 2016 and it’s on the market again, also with The Modern House, this time for £595,000. The same photos I think, certainly the same furnishings.

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Compare the UK’s cheapest online brokers

A while ago I’d clocked that iWeb is run by Halifax, which is worth bearing in mind for those concerned with having some FSCS protection. But I only just realised that, of course, Lloyds and Halifax are now part of the same group. So presumably, iWeb, Halifax and Lloyds would all count as the same institution for FSCS purposes?

And am I correct in thinking that Interactive Investor and Motley Fool are also a single institution? Or is their relationship something different?

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Design Route D: Protocol - Mozilla Open Design

I like the Moz://a idea, but don’t understand why the shortened M:// version isn’t then read as “Mill”. Why have t-shirts etc that say Mill on them?

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Returning officer - Telly Addict

My first thought after reaching the end was how much it reminded me of ‘London Spy’. Lots of great performances and so much to love about it… but a ludicrous, messy ending that couldn’t live up to the expectations created by the increasing convolutedness of the conspiracy.

And the unbelievability of all the DPP stuff reminded me of similar aspects of some Stephen Poliakoff dramas (I think ‘Friends and Crocodiles’ is one example), in which the world of business appears to have been sketched in by someone who’s only read an article about it.

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