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Design Route D: Protocol - Mozilla Open Design

I like the Moz://a idea, but don’t understand why the shortened M:// version isn’t then read as “Mill”. Why have t-shirts etc that say Mill on them?

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Returning officer - Telly Addict

My first thought after reaching the end was how much it reminded me of ‘London Spy’. Lots of great performances and so much to love about it… but a ludicrous, messy ending that couldn’t live up to the expectations created by the increasing convolutedness of the conspiracy.

And the unbelievability of all the DPP stuff reminded me of similar aspects of some Stephen Poliakoff dramas (I think ‘Friends and Crocodiles’ is one example), in which the world of business appears to have been sketched in by someone who’s only read an article about it.

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Why do they bury the booking ref description? (Noisy Decent Graphics)

Except sometimes you don’t want the booking reference at all, because that’s not the number you need to collect your ticket:

Abellio Greater Anglia’s emails haven’t changed since then. It’s as if they don’t even read my blog!

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The Guardian view on online abuse: building the web we want | Editorial | Technology | The Guardian

I’m not entirely sure what it is that you’re after, as the article seems a bit confusing.

Are you only hoping to make “the web” a more safe place, as your campaign title and some of the article implies, or are you actually hoping to improve other parts of the internet too? I would have thought the latter, in which case you seem to have opted for a muddled, if alliterative, campaign title. Which is a shame.

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David Bowie: legendary rock star dies of cancer aged 69

Re ‘Can we just get one thing straight before we go on? It’s pronounced Bowie as in “oh”, not as in “ow”.’

In this interview from 2000 he claims to no longer have any idea how it should be pronounced. Although maybe he’s just being polite and sparing Paxman’s blushes!

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Decide Where To Live In London Using The Coffee And Chicken Method | Londonist

Providing a link to Sam Floy’s original article would be both useful and polite:

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You reach for the stars, I go to the flicks | Brief letters | Global | The Guardian

Just off London’s City Road there used to be a “Britannia College of Excellence”, whose motto was “Excelling towards Excellence” (Letters, 25 March).

[This was following on from a thread about school mottos. I did include a link to photographic proof which they’ve declined to include.]

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