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David Bowie: legendary rock star dies of cancer aged 69

Re ‘Can we just get one thing straight before we go on? It’s pronounced Bowie as in “oh”, not as in “ow”.’

In this interview from 2000 he claims to no longer have any idea how it should be pronounced. Although maybe he’s just being polite and sparing Paxman’s blushes!

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Decide Where To Live In London Using The Coffee And Chicken Method | Londonist

Providing a link to Sam Floy’s original article would be both useful and polite:

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You reach for the stars, I go to the flicks | Brief letters | Global | The Guardian

Just off London’s City Road there used to be a “Britannia College of Excellence”, whose motto was “Excelling towards Excellence” (Letters, 25 March).

[This was following on from a thread about school mottos. I did include a link to photographic proof which they’ve declined to include.]

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On the market: Contemporary art deco-inspired property in Frinton-On-Sea, Essex « WowHaus

It’s an odd one this - I *think* it’s actually a converted more conventional house, rather than a complete new build. If you look at satellite photos you’ll see a rectangular house, with no curving frontage, on that plot. It seems an oddly expensive property for Frinton.

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Surprise post (Noisy Decent Graphics)

I hope it’s a design for a website for chatting to friends called FACEBOOKS

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Berlin Wall to be Rebuilt With Glowing White Helium Balloons for 25th Anniversary of Fall

@philgyford I was wrong!

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Improvements to smart answers | Inside GOV.UK

Having recently built a quick demo version of something similar to a Smart Answer at Citizens Advice, this is great stuff, thank you - I’d been wondering about good ways to produce this kind of thing in a more reusable and less fragile way than my hasty demo.

It would be useful to know how you go about converting a Smartdown flow into what we see on the GOV.UK site. Unless I’ve missed something (entirely possible) there’s only the initial diagram at the end of the repository’s README. Is there more detail (or other tools) somewhere?

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