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Design research urls #7 (Noisy Decent Graphics)

I love the crackers idea Ben. Please make this happen for next year.

Here are Tom Whitwell’s previous “52 things I learned in …” posts:

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The Online Photographer: Idle Thoughts About Photo Culture

“For instance, isn’t it true that Kanye West can neither play any traditional instruments nor sing? And Jeff Koons has apprentices actually make his sculptures.”

I’m not sure these examples help your point… A lot of popular music hasn’t relied on instrument or voice skill for, what, 30 years, give or take? Someone can make great, and successful, popular music using other skills; they’re still skills. And the same for contemporary art - the named artist might be a great draughtsperson but could still create brilliant art without demonstrating that. Neither West or Koons are unskilled, untrained amateurs in their field in the way a complete non-photographer snapping with their iPhone is.

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A public API for GOV.UK content: inviting expressions of interest - Inside GOV.UK

Sorry if I sound a little ignorant but, as an outsider, I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say “GOV.UK content”.

“GOV.UK” to me means “all government websites”. So is this an API that will encompass the Met Office, HMRC, TfL, etc? Or, does “GOV.UK” mean something more specific to you that isn’t entirely clear to me?

And “content” to me, in the context of a website (which is, I think, the context here) means “everything on the pages”. So… well, does that mean everything (text, images, statistics, etc) on every [subdomain] website? That seems rather broad so, again, maybe you mean something more specific by “content”?

I know you do your best to keep things clear, and to avoid jargon, so I hope you can clarify this.

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Guardian Cryptic 27,263 by Rufus | Fifteensquared

Gary @30

Students at Oxford and Cambridge universities “go up” at the start of term and “come down” at the end of it. Should they be expelled they are “sent down”.

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This was a vote for a better politics and the prospect of real change | Letters | Politics | The Guardian

While watching several hours of the BBC’s election night coverage I was struck by how often “young people” were mentioned, compared with how few featured on the programme. I didn’t notice anyone under 30 and one of the few people under 40 was media editor Amol Rajan. His only role was to read out tweets. It’s understandable that these mythical “young people” so often feel politics isn’t for or about them.

Phil Gyford

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Weekend reading: Rebooted

Just another “thanks” for all your hard work.

I know you’re not keen but I’d still add another vote for Patreon. I contribute a small amount via Patreon to a couple of other blogs I read regularly because I appreciate the work that goes into them and want their authors to be able to keep doing it. I don’t expect anything extra above the usual free service for doing so. Neither of the other blogs makes all their money from Patreon but it’s a useful, and regular, part of their income.

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Wordpress paginate WP_Query - Code Planet

Thanks for this, the “Pagination fix” bit helped a lot!

One thing - I had to change where $paged is declared so that it gets the ‘page’ var, rather than the ‘paged’ var. So:

$paged = (get_query_var(‘page’)) ? get_query_var(‘page’) : 1;

This is using WordPress 4.7 and a child theme of Twenty Sixteen.

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