Wednesday 16 August 2017

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My old HyperCard stack

When I was at university we were set a project to use HyperCard on the few small-screened black-and-white Macs. I spent some time making a “stack”, as its interactive apps (to use today’s terminology) were called. Over 25 years later I can now run that stack in my web browser from the place it’s archived online.


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16 Aug 2017 at Twitter

  • 10:46am: @iotwatch ZX81. Christmas present for the family from Mum and Dad. In the dining room. I think it was my Mum’s idea…
  • 03:24pm: @iotwatch I only just realised all these questions were actually Twitter polls!
  • 04:18pm: @infovore @iotwatch I love Tweetbot, and don’t mind one bit that it doesn’t include polls, but I wish it’d indicate when there is one.
  • 05:50pm: @blech @infovore @iotwatch Ah, you may be right. For some reason I thought the presence of a poll was indicated, but perhaps not.