Wednesday 23 May 2012

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23 May 2012 at Twitter

  • 06:56am: @harikunzru It's just that Marmite hasn't been specifically licensed It was never "banned", which many articles claimed
  • 06:57am: @harikunzru Of course, none of the incorrect articles online have been corrected, so it's hard to find the facts via Google.
  • 06:59am: @tomcoates @blech It's possible to dislike things about a place and still like others and enjoy living there. Eg everywhere I've ever lived.
  • 09:41am: @ianbetteridge If you take four tweets for an argument and it’s still hopelessly simplified, maybe Twitter’s not the best medium :)
  • 09:45am: @dotcode I genuinely can’t keep up with it all these days. Too many new things with new names.
  • 09:52am: @ianbetteridge No they’re not! Stop it!
  • 09:57am: @ianbetteridge (Sorry, my attempt at humour in previous tweet may have not transmitted correctly. I’ll check the wires.)
  • 03:35pm: @harikunzru @London2012 is real. @London20l2 is fake. Look closer…
  • 07:01pm: @paulpod Nah, nowhere near Peak Greed. They've yet to begin exploiting the greed sands, and then, more controversially, frakking for greed.
  • 08:53pm: @tomcoates There must be a market for stylish hats that work with headphones. Something like hats for seaside donkeys, with holes for ears.
  • 09:03pm: @macintosh @tomcoates Only because the right kind of hat hasn't been invented yet!

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  1. Allo Darlin' (15)
  2. Donna Summer (2)
  3. Dub Pistols (2)
  4. Girl Unit (2)
  5. Al Usher (1)
  6. Trouble Funk (1)
  7. Breakfast Club (1)
  8. BeardyMan (1)
  9. Subway (1)
  10. Pogo (1)

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