Sunday 12 July 2009

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A bit late with this, but still… Recently I was lucky enough to do some work on Shownar with the clever chaps at Schulze & Webb for the BBC. It’s a site that finds people having conversations about BBC TV and radio programmes online and works out which shows are surprisingly popular. Because you might want to watch them.


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12 Jul 2009 at Twitter

  • 12:05pm: Using clips of Alan Partridge to test MP3 streaming widgets. "It's one thousand two hundred and thirty to twelve. I'm joking of course."
  • 02:40pm: Opposite the Italian church in Clerkenwell to watch the parade, thanking @localondon for the tip-off.
  • 02:49pm: Floats and statues of saints are all very well, but it's hard to beat a marching band.
  • 05:07pm: @moleitau You caved! Is it worth a watch after all? You're my Torchwood canary.
  • 10:03pm: Too much computing this weekend, but all satisfying and enjoyable. On target.