Thursday 21 December 2006

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Cityofsound: Binge Watching contemporary TV

“a beautifully produced 'coffee table' book featuring cutaways, scale plans, projections, sections, maps of the fictional architecture and locations from popular TV shows.”

I always wanted to see a book/site that showed what the fourth walls of popular shows looked like. What was on the wall of Friends' or Frasier's apartments that we never saw? Or the Cheers bar? etc.

We have two seasons of Deadwood to watch over Christmas, which I got out from the library. A bargain at five quid, and easier than downloading over BitTorrent on this occasion. I can *highly* recommend 'The Wire' if you're stuck for something to watch now…

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21 Dec 2006 at Twitter

  • 09:40am: At home, working, wondering why. Near empty iChat suggests most other people aren't sitting at computers.
  • 11:54am: Getting distracted by a cute little person, but dragging myself reluctantly back to work.
  • 03:03pm: Just picked up holiday entertainment from library: Deadwood seasons 1&2. Hope we like it...
  • 03:10pm: Where did the day go? Only just having lunch: cheese on toast + scotch egg. I am living like a KING!
  • 04:33pm: Think I've probably finished work until after Christmas unless I'm struck with inspiration tomorrow.
  • 10:51pm: Late late quick dinner. M&S pasta. Yum.
  • 11:22pm: off to bed with NYRB and Late Junction.