Daily Phil
Wednesday 2nd August 2000

I can’t be bothered to expand on anything. Is this why weblogs are so popular, because they demand no expansion, less thought and coherence? They’re easy.

Paulina Borsook apparently has a book coming out that (at least in part) says how selfish the new economy is. No, not really surprising, but it’s true. Everything’s so apolitical, with the only worthwhile stuff focussed on civil liberties. That’s a bit narrow isn’t it? The rest is all American libertarianism. If not quite “I’m alright Jack, screw everyone else,” little thought is given to everyone else (and I include myself in this).

I’ve been listening to a bit of 80s stuff. Thomas Dolby, The Associates, Propaganda. All that electronic stuff sounds so hopefully futuristic, in a similar way to HG Wells-style Victorian sci-fi. It’s kind of quaint but also exciting, wide-eyed and romantic. It also reminds me that I want to read lots of Michael Moorcock; Jerry Cornelius, Oswald Bastable, Jherek Carnelian, all the non-swords-and-sorcery sagas.