Daily Phil
Monday 1st May 2000

So, having almost emerged from my week or so of relentless work avoidance* I should be bursting with several days worth of insightful commentary. And I am, a bit. But it can wait.

Having pushed the almost final paper out the door I could at last get down to all those fun things I’d been putting off for so long. I could relax, have a wild time, and generally “kick back.” So I made myself a new homepage complete with a Random Phil generator, about which I am extremely, and almost excessively, pleased.

For a while now I’d been thinking that I have very few photos of me over recent years, and while this doesn’t bother me now, I might regret it somewhere down the road, when I’m old and wrinkly. I wouldn’t want to look back on my 20s and find the only Phil photos are of an embarrassed and grimacing Phil being photographed by his mother in public places. But, with the post-SXSW self-referential weblog frenzy a while back, I realised there were some photos of me knocking around out there. So I’ve assembled the ten I could find into this handy little package. It’s probably not healthy to keep clicking to see more photos of oneself, but I can’t resist.

* I did have a fair bit of work to do, a few long papers, but it was the useless faffing about trying to put off doing anything for as long as possible that took up the bulk of the time.