Daily Phil
Thursday 13th April 2000

I know, I owe this site some new words, and I’ve had a swirl of half-ideas drifting back and forth through my mind the last few days. But I haven’t had time to form any of them into ascii as I’ve been tweaking the final tweaks on my new website: Byliner. I hope it’s self-explanatory.

Part of me is worried that I’ve created yet another reason for me to spend more of each day staring at a screen. I already have Haddock to update every day and then this page every so often. Futurelog has already begun to fade away this year; partly as I’ve had no time or inclination to trawl through oodles of news sites and weblogs looking for new stuff, and partly as less and less seems new to me.

Hopefully though, Byliner won’t be too much work, as most of the process of grabbing new stories is automated. This stuff is what I love about the web, that one person can have an idea, learn how to implement it, and then create something new that anyone in the world might find useful. It almost seems like nothing special these days, but I have to keep reminding myself what I’d have thought of the possibilities ten years ago.