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Writing tagged work

  1. Good ID

    I recently made the Good ID website for Unfold Stories, using Django and Wagtail.

  2. Job Garden

    This year I’ve been spending some of my time working with Matt Webb on Job Garden.

  3.’s new website

    A recent project I worked on launched recently… a new version of the WorldSkills website.

  4. MoMA Exhibition Seplunker

    About a website built with Good, Form & Spectacle for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  5. The Waddesdon Bequest website

    About making a website for the British Museum’s Waddesdon Bequest, with Good, Form & Spectacle.

  6. A thought on job ads

    On recruiters’ emails that are really dull.

  7. Teaching web development to design students

    What I taught to students at Goldsmiths and how it went.

  8. My 2015

    What I did in 2015.

  9. What I am, and have been, up to

    I’m freelancing again. It’s fine.

  10. Collective specular sodomy

    Thinking about how giving and accepting criticism is common in creative writing, design and acting courses, but less so in the workplace.

  11. My year at Berg

    A summary of the work I did at Berg.

  12. My new(ish) job and a decade of freelancing

    On why I decided I needed a proper job after ten years of freelancing.

  13. Dreams Of Your Life

    I worked on a project with Hide&Seek, a website themed around the film ‘Dreams Of A Life’.

  14. FRSTEE the Snowman

    RIG have just launched the customised Christmas decoration.

  15. Metaphorical warehouses

    What I’ve been up to, work-wise, during the 2010-11 academic year.

  16. Joining Really Interesting Group

    I’m joining Really Interesting Group with some other friendly faces.

  17. SuperMe

    The site I’ve been working on at Somethin’ Else has launched.

  18. Week 340

    Summing up 2009, which, again, has felt too aimless.

  19. Week 338

    Finishing Misfits, learning Django, turning down work.

  20. Week 337

    Work tailing off, and needing to be firm with myself to Get Things Done.

  21. Week 336

    Moving into the “learning and making things” phase that fills the spaces between work.

  22. Week 335

    Misfits is slowing down and the end is in sight.

  23. Misfits

    The “Misfits Online Experience” has just launched, with all code by me for Six To Start.

  24. New London Review of Books website

    I did much of the HTML/CSS for the newly-relaunched LRB website.

  25. Ununited Eurasia

    I worked on a project with Six to Start to promote Muse’s new single.