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Writing tagged Web Development

  1. Removing evil image links from Movable Type

    How to free your Movable Type screens from those awful menus made out of images.

  2. More weblogging friends and Trackback confusion

    More friends start weblogging and why Trackback makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. My x and my y

    I’m all geo-encoded now.

  4. Validation tools

    Two handy things: Checky, a Mozilla validation plug-in, and Amaya, the W3C’s web browser.

  5. Movable Type is watching me…

    Movable Type has become sentient and is magically doing things I’d previously dismissed as too much manual labour.

  6. Six degrees for geeks

    What friend-of-a-friend files are, links to places about them, and the automation of social network definition.

  7. SmartyPants

    I just installed SmartyPants, a little plug-in for Moveable Type that automatically replaces a few…

  8. The same but different

    This site’s new server isn’t the only change here. While the site looks much the same…