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Writing tagged Web Development

  1. The Time When

    A new site I’ve built for the BBC has just launched, aggregating peoples’ memories and news events through history.

  2. My new Whit Stillman website

    I’ve just moved my page about the film director Whit Stillman to a new site, powered by WordPress, which I’m enjoying a lot.

  3. Ningbar

    I did a smidgen of work on’s new “Ningbar”. It has some very clever CSS and Javascript.

  4. Category Archives with MTMultiBlog

    How to get the Movable Type MTMultiBlog plugin displaying entries in category pages correctly.

  5. BBC Innovation Labs website

    I designed and built a new site for BBC Innovation Labs, and I’m pleased with it.

  6. Goodbye TrackBacks

    After receiving 24,144 requests for mt-tb.cgi I’m switching off TrackBacks on all my weblogs for good.

  7. My new site

    I’ve re-built my site. It’s taken way, way too long. Here are lots of details about what’s new and what I’ve done.

  8. Movable Type’s over-enthusiastic sanitisation

    Movable Type does something a little strange with its comment filtering and formatting, which took me a few days to figure out.

  9. 46,000 junk TrackBacks a week

    The number of junk TrackBacks received by my Movable Type installation has shot up over the past few weeks. Any idea why?

  10. Moving photos

    I’ve moved all 500 or so of my old photos that were on my personal site over to Flickr. A laborious process.

  11. Working on evnt

    I did some IA/design work on evnt a while back and it became visible a month ago. I’m a bit behind.

  12. Royal Society of Chemistry’s new website

    I built the templates for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new website, which recently launched.

  13. Moving virtual house

    A week ago my sites moved to a new server. There are a couple of outstanding problems, but it mostly went OK. Here’s my exhaustive task list for ensuring a smooth move.

  14. Combining RSS feeds into one feed and page

    After tinkering for a few weeks I’ve written a script that combines my writing, notes, links and Flickr photos into a single RSS feed and creates a single chronological front page for my site. Feel free to nab my script.

  15. Combining things into one RSS feed

    Sucking up four RSS feeds and spitting them out in one combined feed. But it doesn’t quite seem to work in some feed readers. Help appreciated.

  16. Posting links from to Movable Type

    I wrote some perl to transfer links — both today’s and old dusty ones from the past — to appropriately dated Movable Type entries.

  17. Movable Type 3 problems solved

    Mainly so that anyone Googling for solutions to these problems is satisfied, those handy folk on the Movable Type support forum have solved the problems I was having.

  18. Movable Type 3 problems

    I’m having two problems with my upgrade to Movable Type 3.11: The Scheduled Posting script generates errors, and I get lots of “403 Throttled” errors when Pepys’ Diary generates a load of TrackBacks. Help appreciated.

  19. Upgrading to Movable Type 3 (or not)

    I upgraded to MT3 on my development site, but haven’t rolled anything out live, having hit some problems. I’ll wait for them to be fixed officially, rather than spend time hacking…

  20. Goodbye frames, hello CSS

    Live After Dark, a site I developed at Poke around the New Year, went live last week and despite the design’s flouting of many of today’s best web design practices, I’m proud of certain aspects of its construction.

  21. Pepys TrackBack: fixing the problems and a new layout

    I had to write some tools to manage the duplicated TrackBacks at Pepys’ Diary, but it meant I could then create a whole new (un-TrackBack-like) layout for the TrackBack listings.

  22. TrackBack problems at Pepys’ Diary

    Sending several dozen pings from a Movable Type entry sometimes seems to make things go a bit wonky.

  23. Sensible RSS feeds for “link logs”

    Looking through RSS feeds of various link-only weblogs, I realised they all had entirely different formats. So I’m trying to work out why people do what they do, and what (I think) they should do.

  24. Awesome commercial use of XHTML/CSS

    Ryan Carver has built a site for Lee Jeans and describes how its CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict are achieved. Very impressive. Plus a couple of web page validator type things.

  25. Colours

    I’m no good with colours, as you can tell, but here are two simple yet handy things that…