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Writing tagged Web Development

  1. PMOG design

    A while back I did some design for Justin Hall’s Passively Multiplayer Online Game which I was very pleased with.

  2. Times Online’s bizarre CSS revisited

    More on the Times’ loony new CSS implementation.

  3. Times Online’s bizarre CSS

    The new Times Online design has some very, very strange CSS.

  4. Quick Twitter

    I made a page that only displays the most recent posts from my Twitter friends, and you can use the code if you like.

  5. The Time When updates

    Some newish updates to The Time When: timelines, tags and favourites.

  6. Panopticon

    A description of an application I’d like to see built that lets me keep up with what all my friends are doing in real time.

  7. Your single social network

    Wouldn’t it be good if we only had to define our social networks once, instead of repeating it for every single website?

  8. A lick of paint

    I’ve added some colour to the site at last. And I wonder how much Internet Explorer’s brokenness has cost industry over the years.

  9. Server move autopsy

    Painful details of why and how I moved servers again.

  10. 40,000 RSS feeds

    We’ve added a load of RSS feeds to The Time When. Yes, nearly that many.

  11. The Time When

    A new site I’ve built for the BBC has just launched, aggregating peoples’ memories and news events through history.

  12. My new Whit Stillman website

    I’ve just moved my page about the film director Whit Stillman to a new site, powered by WordPress, which I’m enjoying a lot.

  13. Ningbar

    I did a smidgen of work on’s new “Ningbar”. It has some very clever CSS and Javascript.

  14. Category Archives with MTMultiBlog

    How to get the Movable Type MTMultiBlog plugin displaying entries in category pages correctly.

  15. BBC Innovation Labs website

    I designed and built a new site for BBC Innovation Labs, and I’m pleased with it.

  16. Goodbye TrackBacks

    After receiving 24,144 requests for mt-tb.cgi I’m switching off TrackBacks on all my weblogs for good.

  17. My new site

    I’ve re-built my site. It’s taken way, way too long. Here are lots of details about what’s new and what I’ve done.

  18. Movable Type’s over-enthusiastic sanitisation

    Movable Type does something a little strange with its comment filtering and formatting, which took me a few days to figure out.

  19. 46,000 junk TrackBacks a week

    The number of junk TrackBacks received by my Movable Type installation has shot up over the past few weeks. Any idea why?

  20. Moving photos

    I’ve moved all 500 or so of my old photos that were on my personal site over to Flickr. A laborious process.

  21. Working on evnt

    I did some IA/design work on evnt a while back and it became visible a month ago. I’m a bit behind.

  22. Royal Society of Chemistry’s new website

    I built the templates for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new website, which recently launched.

  23. Moving virtual house

    A week ago my sites moved to a new server. There are a couple of outstanding problems, but it mostly went OK. Here’s my exhaustive task list for ensuring a smooth move.

  24. Combining RSS feeds into one feed and page

    After tinkering for a few weeks I’ve written a script that combines my writing, notes, links and Flickr photos into a single RSS feed and creates a single chronological front page for my site. Feel free to nab my script.

  25. Combining things into one RSS feed

    Sucking up four RSS feeds and spitting them out in one combined feed. But it doesn’t quite seem to work in some feed readers. Help appreciated.