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Writing tagged Web Development

  1. Mailman Archive Scraper

    A Python script I wrote that scrapes a Mailman mailing list archive and republishes it elsewhere, with some optional additional changes.

  2. Choosing a wiki

    A quick run-down of what I looked at when trying to choose a wiki for Septivium.

  3. A new kind of front page

    A step towards a better front page for an individual’s aggregated content on the web.

  4. Annoyingly slippery

    Some tips and gotchas for Movable Type 4.2.

  5. Webloggery organisation

    I’ve re-written the site’s back end, using less PHP and more Movable Type.

  6. DBD::mysql on Leopard with _mysql_init errors

    I had problems getting the perl DBD::mysql module working. Here’s how I made it happy.

  7. A format only robots could love

    I’m adding an archive of comments posted on other websites to my site, and thinking more about how personal aggregation of online activity should work.

  8. Stopping Movable Type from truncating long templates

    If Movable Type is cutting your templates off when you save them, here’s how to fix it.

  9. Movable Type 4.2

    Upgrading to the latest version of MT isn’t advised until fixes are released.

  10. Opacity: 1 ! important;

    Bloglines recently changed the look of their Beta design. Here’s how to make it look better using Firefox.

  11. UTF8, MySQL, Perl and PHP

    A summary of the problems I had with keeping things UTF8 when re-writing Haddock Blogs, and the solutions I settled on.

  12. The new BBC homepage

    My thoughts on the new BBC homepage, which isn’t the project I was working on over the summer.

  13. A homepage, the power of design, and “consulting”

    I spent some of the summer consulting at the BBC on the future direction of their homepage. “Consulting” is a new experience for me.

  14. Net::Delicious errors

    I don’t like apologising for a post right at the start, but I must admit that this will…

  15. BBC Programmes

    The site has just launched, with a permanent page for every episode of every TV and radio programme, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

  16. PMOG design

    A while back I did some design for Justin Hall’s Passively Multiplayer Online Game which I was very pleased with.

  17. Times Online’s bizarre CSS revisited

    More on the Times’ loony new CSS implementation.

  18. Times Online’s bizarre CSS

    The new Times Online design has some very, very strange CSS.

  19. Quick Twitter

    I made a page that only displays the most recent posts from my Twitter friends, and you can use the code if you like.

  20. The Time When updates

    Some newish updates to The Time When: timelines, tags and favourites.

  21. Panopticon

    A description of an application I’d like to see built that lets me keep up with what all my friends are doing in real time.

  22. Your single social network

    Wouldn’t it be good if we only had to define our social networks once, instead of repeating it for every single website?

  23. A lick of paint

    I’ve added some colour to the site at last. And I wonder how much Internet Explorer’s brokenness has cost industry over the years.

  24. Server move autopsy

    Painful details of why and how I moved servers again.

  25. 40,000 RSS feeds

    We’ve added a load of RSS feeds to The Time When. Yes, nearly that many.