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Writing tagged Talks

  1. Some 2013 conference talks to watch

    A selection of apparently really good talks from this year.

  2. My talk about Samuel Pepys’ diary as an online story

    My slides and audio of my talk at SkillSwap Seeking Stories in Brighton.

  3. DIY Design

    My notes from the St Bride Library conference 2010.

  4. Euro Foo Camp: Simon Wardley - 3D Printing

    Wardley and his two Canon colleagues aren’t working in this (I think) but have been…

  5. Euro Foo Camp: Tomas Krag & John Naughton - Digital Divide

    A small group for this one… John Naughton: Ndiyo — the Swahili word for yes. (Most…

  6. Euro Foo Camp: Jo Walsh - Literate Programming

    Jo Walsh started a discussion about what literate programming is, how practical it is, what we can…

  7. Euro Foo Camp: Steve Coast - OpenTextBook & OpenStreetMap

    Steve Coast (physics student at UCL) on OpenTextBook and OpenStreetMap both of which could do with…

  8. Euro Foo Camp: Matt Webb - Brain Hacks

    Matt Webb entertains the crowd with his descriptions of experiments on psychology undergraduates.…

  9. Euro Foo Camp: Ben Hammersley - Better Living Through RSS

    Debonair man-about-town Ben Hammersley talking about what he’s been squeezing into RSS.…