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Writing tagged Notes

  1. Postwar by Tony Judt

    Bits of the book that jumped out at me.

  2. They ate the money

    John Lanchester on the feeling of people in Greece and elsewhere about the economic crisis.

  3. The undercover quanitifed self

    A chunk of Hamish MacGibbon’s father’s life was recorded by the security services, and still readable fifty years later.

  4. Then behave yourselves

    Stephen Sedley in the LRB comparing an intrusive media to a snooping state.

  5. Living lightly to cope with disaster

    An article in the LRB about Japan’s historical response to disasters, and how it perhaps used to cope better.

  6. Ships, terrorists, red tape, persons

    Notes from an article about the history of English law.

  7. ‘Always Magic in the Air’ by Ken Emerson

    A review and/or notes on this book about the music that came out of New York’s Brill Building in the 1950s and 60s.

  8. What I read on my holiday

    Notes from holiday reading.

  9. Whoops! by John Lanchester

    Notes on the book about the financial crash.

  10. Coins and Experiments

    A pointer to some quotes from a couple of LRB articles that happen to mention Pepys.

  11. A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich

    A timeline of events mentioned in this lovely history book.

  12. The launch of bipolar disorder

    How bipolar disorder was launched as an identifiable condition.

  13. A better afterlife

    Two bits from reports about UK social attitudes, aspiration and inequality.

  14. Ignore the naming of objects

    Is it better to know everything about a city, or the countryside, or is it better to rely only on your imagination?

  15. ‘Cognitive Surplus’ by Clay Shirky

    My notes from reading the book.

  16. Pirate economics

    The pay differentials of 18th century pirates.

  17. 30 tons of baggage

    A description of a Victorian journey into Africa and the huge amount of resources required.

  18. A pint bottle full of HeLa

    The story of Henrietta Lacks and her cells that went on to be used in medicine without her family knowing.

  19. Cool down, little girl

    Some examples of little details that bring to live much larger issues.

  20. More than a million

    Some bits from a review of a book about Henry Wellcome’s huge collection of objects.

  21. DIY Design

    My notes from the St Bride Library conference 2010.

  22. A dispiriting blank side

    How writers and an artist cope with the blank page.

  23. Stilt-walking ants

    Some fun things about ants.