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Writing tagged Newton

  1. Pen v keyboard v Newton v Graffiti v Treo v iPhone

    I tested the speed of inputting text with pen and paper, full-size keyboard, iPhone, Palm Treo keyboard, Palm Graffiti and Apple Newton MessagePad.

  2. More Newton fun

    Pointing to a summary of what’s happening on the Newton, five years after it stopped shipping.

  3. Keeping up with the Newtons

    This week there’s been some good stuff on the NewtonTalk mailing list that I mentioned. How…

  4. Newton: back from the dead

    While I haven’t been to a computer fair for several yonks they always seem to feature a table…

  5. Freckled eggs?

    OK, I want a weblog, dammit. A personal one for occasional thoughts and news, rather than a dull…