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Writing tagged Movable Type

  1. Decades-long projects

    What I considered when starting the ten-year Pepys’ Diary project again.

  2. Publishing with old dates in Movable Type

    What I did to make the Pepys’ Diary website work with 343-year-old dates in Movable Type.

  3. Annoyingly slippery

    Some tips and gotchas for Movable Type 4.2.

  4. Webloggery organisation

    I’ve re-written the site’s back end, using less PHP and more Movable Type.

  5. DBD::mysql on Leopard with _mysql_init errors

    I had problems getting the perl DBD::mysql module working. Here’s how I made it happy.

  6. Stopping Movable Type from truncating long templates

    If Movable Type is cutting your templates off when you save them, here’s how to fix it.

  7. Movable Type 4.2

    Upgrading to the latest version of MT isn’t advised until fixes are released.

  8. Category Archives with MTMultiBlog

    How to get the Movable Type MTMultiBlog plugin displaying entries in category pages correctly.

  9. BBC Innovation Labs website

    I designed and built a new site for BBC Innovation Labs, and I’m pleased with it.

  10. Goodbye TrackBacks

    After receiving 24,144 requests for mt-tb.cgi I’m switching off TrackBacks on all my weblogs for good.

  11. Movable Type’s over-enthusiastic sanitisation

    Movable Type does something a little strange with its comment filtering and formatting, which took me a few days to figure out.

  12. 46,000 junk TrackBacks a week

    The number of junk TrackBacks received by my Movable Type installation has shot up over the past few weeks. Any idea why?

  13. Moving virtual house

    A week ago my sites moved to a new server. There are a couple of outstanding problems, but it mostly went OK. Here’s my exhaustive task list for ensuring a smooth move.

  14. Movable Type 3 problems solved

    Mainly so that anyone Googling for solutions to these problems is satisfied, those handy folk on the Movable Type support forum have solved the problems I was having.

  15. Movable Type 3 problems

    I’m having two problems with my upgrade to Movable Type 3.11: The Scheduled Posting script generates errors, and I get lots of “403 Throttled” errors when Pepys’ Diary generates a load of TrackBacks. Help appreciated.

  16. Upgrading to Movable Type 3 (or not)

    I upgraded to MT3 on my development site, but haven’t rolled anything out live, having hit some problems. I’ll wait for them to be fixed officially, rather than spend time hacking…

  17. Pepys TrackBack: fixing the problems and a new layout

    I had to write some tools to manage the duplicated TrackBacks at Pepys’ Diary, but it meant I could then create a whole new (un-TrackBack-like) layout for the TrackBack listings.

  18. TrackBack problems at Pepys’ Diary

    Sending several dozen pings from a Movable Type entry sometimes seems to make things go a bit wonky.

  19. Movable Type time zones

    Weblog entries should have their own time zones, rather than be stuck with the weblog’s default that you can never change, even if you move from one continent to another.

  20. Two reasons to avoid using Safari with Movable Type

    If you use Movable Type and Apple’s Safari web browser you should probably read this before you do what I just did.

  21. That summer feeling

    With British Summer Time looming this weekend I wondered whether I’d need to change the…

  22. “New!” markers in Movable Type

    A method of marking entries or comments as new since a user’s last visit.

  23. Changing Movable Type archive URLs

    A quick way of changing your Individual archive URLs without breaking links.

  24. I’m now available in French!

    My ‘Introduction to weblog terms for weblog readers’ has been translated.

  25. The best thing about Movable Type 2.6

    From the changelog: Changed all visible instances of blog to weblog in the system and in the…