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Writing tagged Mac

  1. Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (3)

    Using a standard UK Windows PC keyboard with an Apple Mac is surprisingly difficult. But you can follow these instructions to re-map the Option, Command and Control keys, and the punctuation characters.

  2. Ten days of Tiger

    After ten days of use, a few initial thoughts on Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4, and whether it’s worth upgrading.

  3. Encoding with the very latest LAME in iTunes

    An easy way to use the latest version of LAME with Blacktree’s handy iTunes-LAME Encoder thingummy, without touching the command line.

  4. Disk Inventory X

    Playing with the utility that gives you a brighly-coloured treemap (a la Market Map or Newsmap) of your Mac’s drive, showing exactly what’s eating all that precious space.

  5. Installing DBI and DBD::mysql on Mac OS X Panther

    A guide to installing DBI and DBD::mysql, which I completely failed to find anywhere online (or at least, in a form that worked).

  6. Moneydance

    A personal finance application for the Mac (and Windows and Linux) that seems to work. Yeah! Rock’n’roll!

  7. T610 calendar having problems with winter

    The Sony Ericsson seems to screw up appointment times in its Calendar once British Summer Time ends…

  8. Viewing iChat logs

    Logorrhea is a simple and free application for browsing and searching your iChat logs.

  9. Eudora 6, inching slowly forward

    Eudora 6 has been released. An improvement, but it’s falling still further behind the competition. It wouldn’t take much…

  10. iCal time zones

    iCal has almost exactly the same problem with time zones as Movable Type. If you travel iCal will change the time of all your appointments…

  11. Encoding with LAME in iTunes revisited

    There’s a much updated version of the iTunes-LAME Encoder.

  12. Removing languages

    I’ve reinstalled OS X and found a handy utility for removing all the unnecessary language files afterwards.

  13. As the Apple Turns

    Even better than a Mac rumour site.

  14. Eudora 6 beta fights spam

    There’s a beta version of Eudora 6 out for Macs (Windows coming soon). I’ve been using…

  15. Set beats-per-minute in iTunes

    A handy thing for tapping along to MP3s and setting their BPMs. The world’s gone wonderfully mad.

  16. Sieving spam on the Mac

    Using SpamSieve to filter email: 98.9% accurate.

  17. Aqua on Windows XP is devoted to making your Windows machine look like Mac OS X. There’s a distinct…

  18. Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (2)

    Outdated instructions for using a British Windows/PC keyboard with a Mac.

  19. Encoding with LAME in iTunes

    How to encode MP3s using the LAME encoder directly from iTunes.

  20. Up and running

    The tedious details of attempting to get my PowerBook up and running again.

  21. “Sounds secure to me!”

    Tom’s helpful advice there. This morning I installed the 2002-11-21 Mac OS X Security Update.…

  22. Fun with firewalls

    I’ve spent more than several hours attempting to configure the firewall on my new ADSL…

  23. Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (1)

    Out-dated way of using a British Windows/PC keyboard on a Mac