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Writing tagged design

  1. Collective specular sodomy

    Thinking about how giving and accepting criticism is common in creative writing, design and acting courses, but less so in the workplace.

  2. The Guardian’s iPad edition

    My thoughts on using the ‘Guardian’s iPad edition for a couple of months. It’s good.

  3. One dimensional news

    Looking back at my Today’s Guardian site, after using it for a while. And identifying a problem all digital news design seems to have.

  4. Papanek on clogs

    BERG’s post about Nike Mayfly shoes reminded me of Victor Papanek talking about clogs.

  5. Today’s Guardian feature requests

    The three most common feature requests for the Today’s Guardian website.

  6. Today’s Guardian

    The thinking behind my new Today’s Guardian website.

  7. DIY Design

    My notes from the St Bride Library conference 2010.

  8. Is modern web design too like print design?

    I’ve been wondering whether we’ve lost the “webness” of web design, whether it’s all too dull and influenced by print design.

  9. Not too many buttons

    The problem with the OpenOfficeMouse isn’t too many buttons. It’s more fundamental.

  10. Ugly and neglected fragments

    GeoCities is an ugly disorganised mess. But it’s still a huge shame that Yahoo! is closing the whole thing down.