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  1. Mexican food and restaurants in London

    Originally wondering why the few Mexican restaurants in London are unfortunate tequila fests, rather than tasty taquerias. Now a summary of Mexican eating options in the city.

  2. Akufen

    Last week the New York Times had an interesting article about about the most underrated albums of…

  3. They all start blogging in the end

    My friend Ted has just started a weblog. He lives in Santa Barbara, makes films, writes film…

  4. Bye bye Byliner

    One of my websites, Byliner, is closing down after three years, 50,000 stories and 4,500 writers.

  5. An introduction to weblog terms for weblog readers

    Explaining terms such as weblog, permalink, RSS and Trackback to people who are new to weblogs.

  6. More Pepys and me

    Slashdotting isn’t as fearful as it once was. Radio is very exciting. My voice is OK.

  7. “They both hated DLT”

    Snippets from ‘The Nation’s Favourite: True Adventures of Radio 1’, an extremely gripping read.

  8. It’s all gone a bit Warchalking

    The growing snowball that is interest in the Pepys’ Diary site. Although snowballs don’t take long to melt.

  9. Movable Type is watching me…

    Movable Type has become sentient and is magically doing things I’d previously dismissed as too much manual labour.

  10. Festive taping vs festive downloading

    Wondering why I feel more of a criminal listening to MP3s of John Peel’s Festive Fifty rather than cassettes of the same thing.

  11. It’s Samuel Pepys’ Weblog!

    I’ve just launched my new site, Pepys’ Diary. Every day, starting 1st January,…

  12. Friendster and FOAF

    On the lessons Friend-of-a-friend developers could learn from the sudden success of Friendster.

  13. “Wisdom you can’t get from a terminal”

    A spur of the moment decision yesterday evening resulted in going to see the film Avalon an hour…

  14. New Yorker Gawker

    Asking why is there no site for London and an explanation of why it will make our heads explode.

  15. Where your FOAFs are

    Find people on a global map generated using Friend-of-a-friend files.

  16. Uses for friends-of-friends

    In my previous post I talked about FOAF files and longed for some exciting things to do with them.…

  17. Six degrees for geeks

    What friend-of-a-friend files are, links to places about them, and the automation of social network definition.

  18. Skin this site

    You can now skin this site, not that there are currently any useful skins.

  19. Encoding with LAME in iTunes

    How to encode MP3s using the LAME encoder directly from iTunes.

  20. Up and running

    The tedious details of attempting to get my PowerBook up and running again.

  21. Hal Hartley on BBC2

    ‘Book of Life,’ a movie by my favourite director, is on BBC2 on Friday night at 1.15am. It’s not available on DVD/VHS and was never released at the cinema. Hurrah!

  22. “Sounds secure to me!”

    Tom’s helpful advice there. This morning I installed the 2002-11-21 Mac OS X Security Update.…

  23. Keeping up with the Newtons

    This week there’s been some good stuff on the NewtonTalk mailing list that I mentioned. How…

  24. The mouse’s debut

    In 1968, at the Stanford Research Institute, Douglas Englebart gave a public demonstration of the…

  25. SmartyPants

    I just installed SmartyPants, a little plug-in for Moveable Type that automatically replaces a few…