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  1. Pre-client spam filtering

    After trying the very nice I’m left uneasy by the whole idea of challenge and response spam filtering.

  2. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

    Brian Eno documentary on BBC 6 Music.

  3. Three web widgets

    Three generally unnecessary JavaScripty things that you’ll probably never need, but they’re pretty good solutions if you do.

  4. Open mapping

    Some folk in a German city have generated a set of freely-available mapping data, because authorities in Europe don’t release such information.

  5. Essex signposts and milestones

    A great site of photos of signposts and milestones around Essex. No, it’s interesting.

  6. T610 dimness

    The Sony Ericsson T610 is indeed lovely, but that review was right about the dim screen.

  7. Great ‘24’ review

    A good review of ‘24’ in ‘Sight & Sound’.

  8. Encoding with LAME in iTunes revisited

    There’s a much updated version of the iTunes-LAME Encoder.

  9. Removing languages

    I’ve reinstalled OS X and found a handy utility for removing all the unnecessary language files afterwards.

  10. HTML is for grown ups

    Why HTML is both easy and hard, and two Internet Explorer bugs.

  11. Doonesbury via RSS

    I made an RSS file that links to this week’s ‘Doonesbury’ strips.

  12. And Nancy Banks-Smith too

    Finally, the civilised world can relax. The Guardian’s top telly reviewer is now tracked by Byliner.

  13. Greil Marcus

    Greil Marcus’s ‘Real Life Rock Top Ten’s, once at Salon, are still going over at City Pages. Yes!

  14. Freelance charging

    How much does a freelancer need to charge to equal certain full-time annual salaries?

  15. Birkenstock

    The Guardian’s lack of research, Birkenstock’s new range of shoes, and my fashion dilemmas.

  16. Getting there, slowly…

    Six months in and only 3,000 or so days left to go with Pepys’ Diary. At current rates…

  17. Domestic geeks

    There is an emerging tradition of geeks analysing how to perform certain domestic tasks with the most efficiency.

  18. Hire me!

    I’m looking for freelance or contract web building and/or designing work. I comment my code!

  19. The Mapmakers

    I just finished reading The Mapmakers (Amazon US, UK) by John Noble Wilford which was wonderful.…

  20. The Big Brother universe

    Swapping housemates between different countries’ ‘Big Brother’ houses. It’s fantastic, really!

  21. Revamped Haddock Directory

    I’ve rewritten and redesigned the Directory. NEW! IMPROVED! STILL GREEN!

  22. The Believer

    McSweeney’s new mag can now be shipped outside North America. Hurrah.

  23. Arthur Brown, 1914-2003

    Distant Christmas memories of the Essex historian, who died in March.

  24. Life as a 19th century fire-eater

    Part of Henry Mayhew’s interview with a street fire-eater is fascinating, but not for the weak of stomach.

  25. We’re all reporters now

    Webloggers should respect “off the record” briefings… just as companies should be aware their employees might be well-read webloggers.