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  1. What I am, and have been, up to

    I’m freelancing again. It’s fine.

  2. Classic menswear blogs

    A list of the sites I read about tailoring.

  3. Parsing a Wikipedia page’s content with python

    How I ended up grabbing and parsing HTML from Wikipedia pages

  4. Practical Television, February 1952

    I bought a copy of this magazine and it’s got some interesting snippets in it.

  5. Temporary archiving’s terms of service include the right to delete anything and close without notice. Not really “the forever business” they promise.

  6. Reading about dancing about architecture

    Trying to find music sites to read, and realising I don’t want to read any of them.

  7. Tech’s tunnel vision

    Trying to imagine a less capitalist worldview for the tech industry.

  8. Booking reference

    When a booking reference isn’t a booking reference.

  9. Visit your nearest branch

    I tried to open a business bank account but it was surprisingly hard.

  10. Mappiness development

    Some thoughts on the development process of my Mappiness chart

  11. Mappiness chart

    I made a tool for close analysis of data generated by the Mappiness iPhone app.

  12. Famous exes updated

    The mini music genres post about Famous Exes has new songs.

  13. Mini music genres: Famous exes

    Some songs about past loves who are now famous.

  14. A good morning on Twitter

    Some good stuff from Twitter over breakfast.

  15. What is an incredible journey?

    A duplicate of my post on Our Incredible Journey.

  16. Clumsy-footed idiot

    Trying to learn D3.js. It’s hard. I’m an idiot. I made a simple thing.

  17. Black and white

    The same (good) joke from ‘Frasier’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’.

  18. Collective specular sodomy

    Thinking about how giving and accepting criticism is common in creative writing, design and acting courses, but less so in the workplace.

  19. 20th century email newsletters

    A look at some of the email newsletters I subscribed to in the 1990s.

  20. My year at Berg

    A summary of the work I did at Berg.

  21. Site back to normal

    Brief postmortem after moving all my websites to a new server.

  22. Moving servers

    Things are broken for a bit.

  23. Emails to RSS feed

    How to receive emails as items in an RSS feed using Zapier.

  24. #satire

    On Jenn Schiffer’s pieces on Medium, and people getting or not getting satire, and why Medium’s good for it.