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w/e 2021-08-29

This week I’ve been enjoying Now, Lafayette Gilchrist’s double album, discovered while catching up on a months-old The Wire magazine. Piano, bass and drums, twiddly enough to be interesting, tuneful enough to be listenable, plus interesting rhythms and stuff.

§ It’s been bugging me for weeks that I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen two Kelly Reichardt movies at the cinema on release – Wendy and Lucy and Night Moves – but I can’t find any record that I did. Which is probably normal, but given my habit of keeping cinema tickets, and my use of Foursquare, and my occasional diary-writing, and any other components of my data exhaust, it’s frustrating that I can’t pin down the dates or locations (although I’m pretty sure the latter was at the Barbican).

Obviously, there are bigger problems in the world, BUT.

§ We finished watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace this week and it was excellent.

As previously mentioned, I often think flashbacks are just a way to make a drama seem more complex than it actually is, but the structure of this – starting with the killing, then stepping back in time each episode, until the killer’s childhood – worked really well. You gradually build up a picture of perhaps how he ended up doing this, new layers peeled away each time. Although, afterwards, I did just want to see it all in chronological order.

Darren Criss as the killer was so good. There were times I found myself thinking how charming, knowledgable, and at ease the character was – “He’s great! It’d be brilliant to be like that!” Then I’d remember he was a compulsive liar and responsible for five murders. So, er.

§ It occurred to me that The Fast Show’s Jesse is perhaps the patron saint of weeknotes.

This week, I ’ave been mostly eating… taramasalata!

§ I feel I should have more to say about things I actually did this week, but I guess I didn’t do much of note. I spent a few hours fixing a tiny bug on my website, and a few hours more failing to fix a different one. We re-arranged the furniture in the conservatory into a much more pleasing and practical layout. What thrills!

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