Selective Listening

In 2013 I had a small part in a film called Selective Listening. It was released in 2015 and now you can view the whole thing online for free.

It’s on YouTube and on Vimeo and may also be visible right here:

It does include some very rude words, so you might want to pause if you’re about to play this in the office or in front of young children, depending on your professional or parenting styles.

Obviously, you should watch the entire thing but if you’re really pressed for time then I’m in one scene which starts five minutes in.

Some people hate watching themselves on film but I don’t mind it. However, I really can’t tell if I’m any good or not. I know I’ve learned a lot about “realistic” acting (as opposed to the physical theatre kind of stuff I did at LISPA) since then though.

Either way, it was fun to do, and the cast and crew were all lovely people and it was an enjoyable experience. The only, very minor, downside was that it was a sunny day in August and what with the hot lights in an enclosed space, and me wearing a voluminous winter coat all day, I was very damp and very smelly by the end of it.

If you enjoy the film, do give it thumbs up or hearts or stars and then share it wherever you feel like doing so.

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10 May 2017 at Twitter

  • 6:10pm: Similarly, I like ‘History of Philosophy without any gaps’. 277 episodes in and he’s got to the 14th century.
  • 6:06pm: I listen to very few podcasts, but I am enjoying ‘A History of Jazz’, one record at a time. @jazzhistorypod
  • 10:17am: @machinestarts It’d be good to explain the skills and, importantly, limits of the program/algorithm in question. But I realise it gets complicated/boring!
  • 10:17am: @machinestarts All true… but I fear it gives the wrong impression to general readers, that scary general intelligence things are being used for this.
  • 10:11am: @machinestarts It sounds over-sold, and misleading, for the purposes of an exciting story. But I guess that’s one (of many) reasons I’m not a journalist :)
  • 10:10am: @machinestarts I’d say it’s such basic “intelligence” it hardly qualifies for the term. And devalues any current or future actual “intelligent” things.
  • 10:04am: @machinestarts I'm curious: This doesn't sound like AI as I think of it. Is it in any way "intelligent"? Or is "AI" now a uselessly broad, over-hyped term?
  • 9:46am: Remember when we used “AI” to refer to things that would be intelligent? Rather than a dumb computer program?…
  • 9:19am: @dracos I suppose so :) Good luck, with all of it!
  • 9:12am: The limits of Twitter-based level 1 support. “Please unblock my website.” “That is not a train service or station.”…

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