Week 384

Before I head off to start Week 385 I have 383 and 384 to catch up on.

I’ve spent the bulk of both weeks working for the large American client which remains nameless. I’m thinking through and sketching ideas around how to present information to users and how to allow them to do things with it. Yes, I’m being vague.

It’s interesting and, I think, going well, but it has also been difficult, spending every day just trying to come up with new ideas. That sounds so feeble, saying it’s “difficult” compared to (cue standard examples of proper jobs) nursing or coal mining, but brainstorming on your own day after day does get wearing.

Still, we’re making progress and the client seems lovely, helpful, full of good thoughts, and doing great things. I’m continuing with that this week, but now only on half days, which I think will be a good balance.

Other than that, I also met up with the fine folk of Hypergame who are busily working on Hyperlife, their first project. I gave a hand with turning the many initial ideas into the first draft of something that looks like a thing. I’m being vague again. It looks like it will be very, very much fun.

Right, Week 385 and its first cup of coffee and a sit down are calling.

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1 Nov 2010 at Twitter

  • 10:40pm: A good swim, then a chance meeting with @smagdali, through a productive day, ending with smashing @berglondon drinks: a grand Monday.

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Robyn (20)
  2. The Cure (18)
  3. Terror Danjah (7)
  4. Liliput (4)
  5. Bonobo (4)
  6. Mighty Clouds (3)
  7. Swans (3)
  8. Erykah Badu (2)
  9. De La Soul (2)
  10. The Bug (2)

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