Muji PP Storage comparison spreadsheet

I’ve been doing some tidying up and sorting out, a process which inevitably leads to browsing Muji’s storage options. It’s hard to compare the various boxes and drawers and work out what will fit the items you need to blandly store, so I knocked up a spreadsheet in Google Docs, which I’m sharing with you:

No doubt the prices and options will change over time. If you notice something wrong, let me know and I’ll update it. I’ve only included single boxes and drawers from the “PP” range, from the UK store.

Back to the tidying!

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31 Oct 2010 at Twitter

  • 5:49pm: @nathanawilliams But it SAVES time. Kind of. Making the right decision. Anyway, I'm saving *other* people time :p
  • 5:40pm: There, a Muji storage spreadsheet: Everything's as good as tidied!
  • 4:41pm: Making a spreadsheet of Muji storage solutions is *not* procrastinating.
  • 4:12pm: @ianbetteridge Facebook's customisation options are pretty much only "Hide this app" or "Hide this person".
  • 3:24pm: @meejahoor Just sorting out some of the pile of boxes that's been in the living room for way too long.
  • 3:04pm: @basil I'm afraid not, and I'm hanging on to the LC, at least until I find its floppies.
  • 3:02pm: Also, anyone want a Canon BJ-10ex bubblejet printer with sheetfeeder and an unopened ink cartridge? Parallel port. #prepostdigital
  • 2:29pm: Anyone want a working monochrome SM144 monitor for an Atari ST?
  • 1:14pm: Hmm, I'm really hoping I didn't turn *all* of my Mac LC's floppy disks into drinks coasters.
  • 12:32pm: My Mac LC still works! If I leave it on long enough the hard drive's high-pitched whine gets so high-pitched it's inaudible. So that's fine.
  • 9:23am: Hoping the next Nike Grid thing involves coffee shops and pastries. Getting in training, just in case.

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